Welcome to The B Community

Conversations for everyday living

About Me

As the founder of Being in Conversation and the creator of The B community the intention is to offer a space for creative souls to share and reflect on what is happening in life and within themselves. 

For those seeking clarity for everyday living. 

The community space offers self study & reflection programs, live group conversation circles and soulful 1:1 conversation to share and explore at an authentic level, how to make life easier and simpler. 

To practice the art of living, until the practice becomes a way of living. Loving ourselves and life as it, with clarity of what we are moved to do. The simple joy of being alive.

All the best for now, Eimer x

Why You Should Join Us

If you love to self study there are short, recorded programs you can listen, journal and reflect on.  If you love being in conversation to share and hear from others who are developing on purpose there are occasional live sessions on zoom for that. If you love to read soulful musing on life, leadership and love that is available here too. 

The B Community is open to all current and past clients who have worked with Eimer Boyle through 1:1 & group conversations, been students in self study of the life, leadership & love programs and/or have participated in face to face and/or online workshops.

A Big Thanks

With love to all, without whom, being here in this moment would not be possible. Thank you for being you x